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10.2.2017 Linecy (Not Paying)

10.2.2017 Linecy (Not Paying)

Linecy is still online. We are checking if the program still pays:

We are requesting a 1$ test amount via Payeer. Request time is 9:47 CET.

Status is pending. We will update this post as soon the money arrives.


No money received. Project is not paying

09.26.2017 Linecy (Paying)

09.26.2017 Linecy (Paying)

Linecy, the new interesting program. Today we have our first payout test.

We are requesting a small test amount of 0.57$ via Payeer. Request time is 13:37 CET.

Status is pending. As we know, Linecy has manual payouts that could last up to 24 hours. We will update this post, when the transaction is processed.


Money arrived one hour later  at 14:23CET. Linecy is paying out.




09.23.2017 Linecy (Registration)

09.23.2017 Linecy (Registration)

Today I registered at Linecy. It is a promising new program that started on September 22.  In this business, it’s always nice to be one of the first investors. As you know for short-term HYIPs there is one successful strategy only: Get in first, get in big, let the profits run….. and when the masses are coming in, be ready to leave the sinking ship.


Let’s check the plans of Linecy:
As you can see below, there are 9 different investment plans. For the first six plans, you will get your deposit back after the plans expires. For the plans 1.2, 2.2 and 3.2 the deposit is included.  The interesting thing is, that you need to start with a Line 1, Line 2 or Line 3 plan to get access to the next level plan.

For example: If you invest 50$ in the Line 1 plan you earn 0.5$ per day. After 3 days your profit is 1.5$ and you get your 50$ deposit back. After that, you have access to Line 1.1 plan, which will give you 1.3% per day for 9 days. So if you invest 50$ again, you get 0,65$ daily, which is 5.85$  after 9 days + deposit back. Now you have access to Line  1.2.  This one will give you 4.83% daily for 30 days. Here the deposit is included in the daily profits, there is no principal giveback at the end of the investment plan.  That means you need 20,7 days to reach your break-even point. Your net profit is 44.9% after 30 days.

I really like the concept of leveling up the plans. Sure, it will increase the chances for a stable cash flow and hopefully for a long living program.


Payment methods:
Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Perfect-Money, Yandex Money

If you pay via Bitcoin your deposit remains in Bitcoin. So you have no currency risk.

Minimum deposit:

Minimum withdrawal:

Withdrawals are manual, no instant payments. There are no withdrawal fees.


There is quite some potential in Linecy. It looks like a very professional program with experienced admins. We will inform you about the first payout tests as soon as possible