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07.20.2017 V-Tec (Not Paying)

07.20.2017 V-Tec (Not Paying)

Last time I wrote a long article why I was very skeptical about V-Tec (link). You can read all the arguments there, so I won’t repeat them. But let me just underline one more time, how hard it is to make constant profits with real trading. I am telling you this as a trader with 17 years of experience.

Two days ago it turned out, that my bearish intuition was right. V-Tec stopped paying and scammed. It’s not a big surprise to me. There are rumors, that Marting Vogt manipulated the positive trading performance on Even to me, that sounds really disgusting, and I have seen admins doing a lot of extremely ugly-dirty-sick things. I can’t tell you if it’s really true. It doesn’t mind now. The fact is, the admin of V-Tec just disappeared over night.

Last time I mentioned that it may be too late to invest in this bot.  Anyway, I decided to give it a try just because of the lack of long-term HYIP opportunities. Finally, it turned out, that I was much too late.  I lost all of my invested capital. I had no payouts up to now.

There are some very important things to learn here. It doesn’t count, how good a program looks like. Keep in mind that it can shut down the next day and that you can lose all of your money. And regardless of how honest an HYIP admin appears to be… in the end, they are all the same disgusting liars.


06.28.2017 V-Tec (Registration)

06.28.2017 V-Tec (Registration)

I am monitoring V-Tec (former Lucid Market Tec)  since its very beginning which was at the end of April 2017. I first heard of it in the Telegram insider channels where some of the experienced HYIP investors talked about the prelaunch phase of the bot.  At that time I was quite new to the HYIP scene and I was totally focused on Betrobot which made 6% per day. I thought that a little bit diversification might be clever. And so I did a closer look on this new Telegram bot.

Lucid promised  3% on each business day. That’s 15% a week. The investment runs 9 weeks which is 63 calendar days, which is 45 business days.  But the deposit is included, there is no give back of the principal at the end of the investment time. That means the net profit is 35% after 63 calendar days. Compared to Betrobot that wasn’t attractive to me at that time and so my attention shifted away.  May 1st went by and Lucid Market Tec started without me.

Nevertheless, the HYIP gurus in the Telegram channels kept on talking about it. They were fascinated by the fact that there was a real trader behind the bot. His name: Martin Vogt.  He shared his trades on Myfxbook, a website where it’s possible to build up a real trading record. So there was real trading and transparency. No classical HYIP, no ponzi scheme. For the old gurus in the chat channels that was the main argument to buy the bot.

For me, that was the main argument not to join the bot. I am trading since 17 years and I experienced how difficult it is to generate constant profits with trading. After almost 20 years in the markets, I would say that this is one of the hardest ways to make money. I still think it’s easier to achieve a constant passive income with classic HYIP ponzi schemes than with real trading.

And who the hell is Martin Vogt? During my 17 years of trading, I never heard of a person called Martin Vogt. I joined his Telegram support channel to read some of his comments. I was shocked. This guy talked like a teeny, he was overconfident and disrespectful. I thought: “In no way, this guy is an experienced trader.  2 weeks and this kid is gone. It is only a matter of time until the market will kill this naive loudmouth. And who the heck calls a trading system Lucid?”

2 month later it looks like I was wrong. Mr Vogt definitely proved that he can trade. His performance on Myfxbook is amazing. And up to now, he mastered every problem that came up with the Telegram bot. And there are a lot of issues with those kinds of bots, not only technical ones. Finally, the new name V-Tec is definitely better than Lucid Market Tec 😉

I am still very sceptical about this bot. I expect a massive drawdown in the trading performance. Nevertheless, I made my first small investment in V-Tec today. Why? Simply because the HYIP industry is running out of long-term opportunities. After Questra is down, what’s left? deleted my account because it’s now forbidden in Austria. Resonance Capital? No way this thing is also a cheap ponzi scheme. La Vida Nueva?  Forget it, I will never put money into it.  Yes, there is Biznet, Crypttrade Capital and Usi-Tech but they only offer about 1% per day. Compared to them, V-Tec is very attractive.

It’s funny how some decisions are made. Finally, after two-month watching,  I am onboard with V-Tec.  Is it too late? We will find out.

  • V-Tec Telegram Bot:
  • min deposit 0.01BTC
  • min payout 0.01BTC
  • min reinvest 0.01BTC
  • 3% on business days for deposits <2BTC
  • 3.6% on business days for deposits >2BTC
  • Investment running for 9 weeks, deposit included
  • Instant payouts
  • Transactions only via Bitcoin
  • Profits transferred to balance from Tuesday to Saturday at 01:00 AM CET.
  • Deposits remain in Bitcoin, so there is currency volatility risk

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