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10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Paying)

10.05.2017 Phoenix Invest (Paying)


I registered at Phoenix-Invest on September 12.  I was not talking about this project because I was very skeptical that it could reach the break-even point. I  have little information about this program and I still think it is very risky.


But up to now, all the payments came in without problems. It looks like Phoenix-Invest is growing very stable.  Below you can see the investment plans. Minimum deposit is 50$. This plan will give you 7,8% weekly for 25 weeks. So you will need about 12 weeks to reach your break-even point.


Phoenix-Invest is a big surprise. It started as a very unimpressive site which got low attention from the community. Its still a high-risk program but there is a lot of potential for growth.


09.29.2017 Boxchain (Registration)

09.29.2017 Boxchain (Registration)


Boxchain started on September 27. The project claims that it is investing in storage boxes. But after all, chances are high that this is just a standard HYIP. There a lot of different investment plans reaching from 1.95% per day to 2.4% per day (calendar days).

As you can see below the minimum investment is 0.485 Bitcoin for the 2m plan.  Your profit is 2.05% per day. The investment in the 3m box costs total 0.7055 Bitcoin. This plan gives you 2.1% per day.  If you don’t want to purchase the whole package you can pay 5 rates which lowers your daily profit.  Then the 2m investment plan gives you 1.05% a day for one month. For the next month, you have to pay the next rate of 0.108 otherwise your investment will stop.


The next plans are for the 5m and 10m boxes. 


There are 4 more plans but we skip them because they are beyond reality. It would be quite crazy to invest more than 1 Bitcoin in this project.


  • Minimum deposit 0.0275
  • Deposit via Bitcoin only
  • Daily profit reaching from 1.95%-2.4%
  • Manual withdrawals which can take up to 24 hours.
  • Minimum payout is 0.001BTC
  • Withdrawals have no fee.


There is potential for a long-term investment. The idea of investing in storage boxes is a nice alternative to all the cryptocurrency trading HYIPS that are coming out at the moment. We will follow this project closely.


09.28.2017 Trade Professional LTD (Registration)

09.28.2017 Trade Professional LTD (Registration)

Trade Professional LTD is an interesting new project that started on September 26.

Trading plans:
There are 3 different investment plans for the trading package:

Newbie: 7,5% weekly. The Plan running for 91 days. So monthly you get about 30%. Total profit after 91 days is about 190% with deposit included.
Minimum investment is 50$

Trader: 11% weekly. The plan is running for 91 days. So monthly you get 44%. Total profit after 91 days is 232% with deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 1001$

Market Maker: 15% weekly. The plan is running for 91 days. So monthly you get 60%. Total profit after 91 days is 280% with deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 5000$

Payout is possible every Saturday.


Mining plans:
The project also allows you to profit via their mining activity. There are three different plans:

Mining starter package: 0,8% daily for 90 days.
You get 24% a month and a total of 172% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 10$

Mining pro package: 1% daily for 90 days.
You get 30% a month and a total of 190% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 1001$

Mining reinvests: 200% daily after 75 days. No weekly withdrawals possible
You get 30% a month and a total of 190% after 90 days. Deposit included.
Minimum deposit is 250$

Payout is possible every Saturday except for the Mining reinvest plan which is an after-plan

You can deposit via AdvCash, NixMoney, PerfectMoney, Payeer and bitcoin

Live Statistics:
The site offers a live statistic over the actual investments. Actually, there are 123 investors which invested 5727$. We will follow this statistic very closely.

Professional managed long-term project with quite some potential.

05.02.2017 – Btcclock (Paying)

05.02.2017 – Btcclock (Paying) is another short living HYIP. I registered at the site on 04.25.2017 and made a small deposit of 0.005 BTC to test the program.



Today there is 0.0013 BTC on the profit balance. Lets try a withdrawal and check if pays out. The request routine is straight foreward. At the user dashboard you have to click on the button >withdrawable profit<. The next screen asks you to enter your Bitcoin adress and the amount you would like to transfer.


It looks like the withdrawal process isnt instant. It takes some time until the transaction is on the blockchain. But after about 45 minutes the transaction is finished. Remember that withdrawal requests are performed only during business hours.



Green light for  The site payed me out under 1 hour.  But that tells us nothing about the living timeframe we should expect from this program. It could die tomorrow, so be very careful when speculating with it.


STATUS 05.02.2017:

05.01.2017- April Performance Report

05.01.2017- April Performance Report

April is over. These are my loses in HYIP’s which scammed.

Programs down:

  • -200$ -10$
    Axtrades Telegram Bot -10$ -10$ -1$
    Milleniumbot Telegram Bot -10$ -20$


Programs still running: (first deposit 04.27.2017) (first deposit 04.27.2017) (first deposit 04.27.2017 ) (first deposit 04.27.2017) (first deposit 04.25.2017)
Ripple Telegram Bot (first deposit 04.25.2017) (first deposit 04.25.2017) (first deposit 04.25.2017)
Betrobot (first deposit 04.19.2017)