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07.27.2017 – Btcclock (Not Paying)

07.27.2017 – Btcclock (Not Paying)

Btcclock had a long fulfilling life. The program was online for more than 3 months. But 3 days ago they stopped the payouts to our anonymous test account. This death wave clears the whole industry now.

05.02.2017 – Btcclock (Paying)

05.02.2017 – Btcclock (Paying) is another short living HYIP. I registered at the site on 04.25.2017 and made a small deposit of 0.005 BTC to test the program.



Today there is 0.0013 BTC on the profit balance. Lets try a withdrawal and check if pays out. The request routine is straight foreward. At the user dashboard you have to click on the button >withdrawable profit<. The next screen asks you to enter your Bitcoin adress and the amount you would like to transfer.


It looks like the withdrawal process isnt instant. It takes some time until the transaction is on the blockchain. But after about 45 minutes the transaction is finished. Remember that withdrawal requests are performed only during business hours.



Green light for  The site payed me out under 1 hour.  But that tells us nothing about the living timeframe we should expect from this program. It could die tomorrow, so be very careful when speculating with it.


STATUS 05.02.2017: