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09.21.2017 Bitconnect (Registration)

09.21.2017 Bitconnect (Registration)

What is Bitconnect?
Bittconnect is a real cryptocurrency coin. With a capitalization of $790.00.00 it is ranked under the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies out there. Actually, the price of one Bitconnect coin (BCC) is at$116.

Bitconnect lending
So most of all, investors can profit from the steady price increase. But there is more. The project offers a lending platform, where investors can lock in coins and receive a daily profit from it. See the table below for the different investment plans:

What does that mean?
For example: If you invest 100$ you will get your deposit back after 299days. Your daily profit depends on a variable interest rate which is influenced by the Bitcoin price volatility. Check out historical daily interest ->here 
As you can see, the daily interest profit normally oscillates between 0% and 2%. 

To summarize:
-Daily lending profit is between 0% and 2%
-Profit adds to the balance every 24hours.
-Lending deposit locks in between 120 and 299 days.
-100$ minimum investment
-10$ minimum reinvestment
-0.005 Bitcoin (BTC)  minimum withdrawal (with dynamic fees)


Bitconnect had an amazing growth over the last year, therefore there is the possibility that the market is temporarily saturated. So at the actual price level of 116$, this is a risky investment.

But the cryptocurrency wave has not reached its end. We are just at the beginning of the cryptocurrency revolution, which will massively change the world during the next 10 years. So there is still a lot of potential for investors.

Hence, it is quite sure that Bitconnect will ride on the cryptocurrencies euphoria wave. It looks like a solid project that could even survive a big market correction. And after some consolidation, this might become an attractive opportunity.

At the end of August, there was a hack attack on the Bitconnect platform. As a result of it, the price of BCC crashed. But the admins managed to overcome the problems and the project came back even stronger. That’s a good sign of resilience.


09.13.2017 AfxOptions – The Big2017 project is coming soon

09.13.2017 AfxOptions – The Big2017 project is coming soon



AfxOptions is promised to be one of the biggest HYIPs of the year. The program has been announced a few months ago as BIG2017. Since then the Telegram HYIP groups promoted it massively. A lot of big leaders will jump on board, hence we will see big money flowing into the program.

On September 12 the company officially released the name AfxOptions. Actually, there is no website, but it should go online during the next days.

Up to now, information about the program is rare. There is a lot of secret whispering going through the HYIP community. There is a lot of rumor and speculation.



During the last weeks, I talked with other experienced HYIP investors about the potential of AfxOptions. Some of them are in the business for many years and they have seen a lot of programs coming and going.  Most of my friends admitted that the noise around this project is quite amazing, especially in Europe. The German market seems to be the first and biggest target of the company.  The project should have a lot of potential but of course, there are always risks. Without risk, there can be no profit. This is a mathematical law.

As far as we can believe the rumors,  AfxOptions will be a trading company. Minimum investment will be 100$. It will offer long term plans with revenues about 20-30% a month. The plans will run for 360 days. There will be an option for automatic compounding/reinvesting. Payouts will be manual, no instant or automatic withdrawals. The project will integrate all standard payment methods like Bitcion, Payeer, Advcash, Okpay, Neteller and Perfect-Money. Furthermore, it will have a referral system with 10 different career levels combined with an aggressive bonus system.

Finally, it is believed that this project can compete with big trading companies like Crypttrade Capital, Resonance Capital or even with Questra.


Amazing HYPE

People are totally freaking out because of AfxOptions. I have never seen such a euphoria wave going through the community long before a project goes online. Consequently, it is quite sure, that big money will flood this project from its first day on.

With this enormous marketing machine in the background, there is no doubt that AfxOptions will skyrocket for quite some time.

We will keep you up to date with the latest developments, and we will update this posting as soon as new information come out.

AfxOptions is definitely a thing to watch. Stay tuned.

09.13.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

09.13.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

Splenoria is making its way. The program is growing and growing and the first-day investors are coming closer to reach the break even point.


Today’s test withdrawal is about 1.7$. It’s going to Payeer at 10:50CET


Again, payment received instantly:


Experiences with Splenoria:
Up to now, all withdrawal requests were processed instant and without any problems. Site statistics are looking good, account numbers and investments are increasing constantly. Now it depends on the admin. There is a lot of potential for this project, but as you know, sometimes admins just decide to take the profits and shut down the whole thing.




08.28.2017 Cryptoclub (Registration)

08.28.2017 Cryptoclub (Registration)

Today I registered at Cryptoclub and I got 10$ deposit for free. The project  is about renting  mining server power. As you can see below they have some interesting plans


Free 10$ deposit for registration, which can produce  0,3$ profit per day ? Not a fortune, but fun for a try.


08.24.2017 Bitcoin Segwit activated. Where to go from now?

08.24.2017 Bitcoin Segwit activated. Where to go from now?

It is done. Segwit was activated during Block 481.824 at 01:57 (UTC).  From now on we should see improved transaction speed and lower fees. Segwit solves transaction malleability and furthermore, it makes it easier to implement the Lightning Network which promises instant transactions by routing around the blockchain.  This would be one important technology needed to lift Bitcoin to an everyday app and maybe one day become the global payment standard.

Segwit ends the dispute between nodes and miners but the next big stress-test is already developing. In November Segwit2x will be another important milestone in the evolution of Bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency universe. We will see how this one will turn out.

Cause this whole dispute tells us one thing: Bitcoin isn’t an autonomous system. It is influenced by different parties and financial powers with different interests. For them its all about maximizing their own profits and not fighting for the true spirit of Bitcoin. It’s like a Twitter user stated lately: If a group of CEOs can come together and unilaterally change the Bitcoin system then also the government can do…hence Bitcoin is dead.

WCX Initial Coin Offering

WCX Initial Coin Offering

This is a little bit off-topic because it’s not about a HYIP. WCX is the new cryptocurrency exchange that will start on October 1st.
The  advantages of WCX are amazing:

  • Tiny Fees – 10x lower than today’s exchanges.
  • Secure – 98% of customer funds are kept in cold storage at all times.
  • Built For Scale – the system can handle over one million transactions per second.
  • Radically Better User Experience – powerful trading desktop. 
  • Anonymous  – no ID verification required. High level of anonymity.
  • Advanced Order Types. market, limit, stop, trailing stop, and block orders.
  • High-Performance API.  ready for system trading,  connect WCX through REST, WebSocket, or FIX.
  • Team – professional team with players from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM with decades of experience.

Do not miss this opportunity, because as token holder you will earn a passive income depending on the size of daily exchange transactions.

10 WCX = 1 USD at ICO

This is going to get huge.

Sign up today and get 50 WCXT for free.

How to access Bitcoin Cash from your old Bitcoin wallet

How to access Bitcoin Cash from your old Bitcoin wallet


I am not a Bitcoin expert and I followed the Segwit discussion with one ear only. Before the fork event, I only knew, that after the blockchain split into Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) my wallet will have the same amount of both coins. So for example, if a wallet had  0.05 BTC before the fork on July 31, then after August 1 the wallet includes 0,05BTC and 0,05BCC.

So far so good. The problem is, that only a few wallets support the new BCC. Most people have online wallets but these websites rarely support the new BCC. So how to access the hidden coins of your Bitcoin address? Up to now the interest in getting the hidden Bitcoin Cash coins was small, but with price soaring above 900$ during the lasts days the attention changed.

You can find a lot of different tutorials on the web, how to claim your hidden Bitcoin Cash coins from your online wallet.  Below I will show you the way that worked for me.

Private Key
First, you need the private key of your Bitcoin address. If you have Bitcoin Core, Exodus or Jaxx and generated your Bitcoin address there,  you can access the private keys.  If you generated your Bitcoin address via an online wallet then things may get more complicated, because only a few online wallets provide the private keys.
Second, you need a wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash. I downloaded the Electron-Cash software from and installed version 2.9.2 for windows.


After the setup, you just need to import the private key of your old Bitcoin address. In the >File< menu click on >New/Restore< , then for example choose >standard wallet< and finally press  >Use public or private keys<. Paste in your private key and you are done. Below you can see a screenshot of the software.


Exchange BCC to BTC, Altcoins or Fiat. 
Do you think that the price explosion of BCC is just temporary and therefore you want to get rid of the coins? Then you need to transfer them to an online exchange that supports the new BCC. I took, but on you can find other exchanges that support Bitcoin Cash (BCC).  At the website, I created a new BCC address by clicking on >Bitcoin Cash< on the lower part of the left website menu. Hitting the big green >Generate New Address< button completes the address creation.

Next, I used the Electron-Cash software to transfer Bitcoin Cash to To fulfill the transaction click on the >Send< button, type in the newly generated BCC address of, enter the BCC amount and click send. At you can find the status of the transaction under the links  >Funding< and >Deposit<  in the upper main menu.

You can also check the status of the transaction under by pasting in the transaction id. needs 20 transaction confirmations to activate the new deposit. Afterwards, you can trade your BCC to many other currencies.


Congratulation. Depending on the former BTC amount on your Bitcoin address before August 1, you made additional money with just a few clicks. With Bitcoin Cash hitting 950$ this bonus is quite amazing.



Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator

The Bitcoin network is growing fast. That’s a good thing because more people and a higher market cap mean a higher Bitcoin price for us investors. But the downside is that more transactions mean higher costs and longer processing times. Segwit promises to solve the transaction cost problem but up to now, it has not been activated. Bitcoin transactions are still slow and expensive. My last Bitcoin transactions took more than 24hour with costs of about 1%. Paying 1$ for a 100$ transaction and waiting 2 days to get it through the confirmation process isn’t that good. Even my old bank can do this via online banking.

But there is one little trick to speed up transactions that got stuck on the blockchain. A good friend of mine showed me the Bitcoin transaction accelerator at

Type in your transaction Id and solve the captcha. Press submit. That’s it.


Maybe it’s just my personal feeling that it works. But whenever a transaction hasn’t got one confirmation after 24 hours, I try this accelerator. And every time (!) after I did this the transaction got confirmations a few hours later. Maybe it was just coincidence, I don’t know. This is just my personal experience that I want to share with you.


08.15.2017 Bitcoinxl (Registration)

08.15.2017 Bitcoinxl (Registration)

Today I registered at The program offers 3.12% daily for the starter plan. The minimum investment is 0.003BTC.  It’s running for 5 days now and according to a friend the site is paying out.  So let’s try it ….then wait…..and finally see:)

I hope that the summer drought is coming to an end. I expect to reach the break even point with this project.


08.07.2017 Bitmex (Withdrawal)

08.07.2017 Bitmex (Withdrawal)

This is a bit off topic. I tried Bitmex for leveraged cryptocurrencies trading. I didn’t have a lot of time for an in depth test but up to now, it seems like everything is working fine. This is my first withdrawal back to my Bitcoin wallet.

The routine is very simple. On the website click >Account< and next >Withdrawal<. Then you only have to type in your Bitcoin address and choose the amount you want to send. That’s it.


Next, you get a pop-up message that the withdrawal request reached the system. This is also confirmed by email. You have to click a confirmation link in this email to process the payout. I like this additional security step.


After confirming the link the transaction is ready to go. Withdrawals are processed manually and daily at 13:00 UTC


You can also check the status of all your withdrawals and your complete payout history on the site.


Will I get my money back? I will update you when the coins are on the blockchain. See you when I see you 🙂

Update 08.08.2017:
I got my Bitcoins back

Cashranker – Still growing fast

Cashranker – Still growing fast


Today cracked the 600.000 Alexa traffic rank. For us, this is a big success. Our next target is to reach the 500.000 rank which would be quite amazing.

Again, thanks to all our readers.  We will keep on working hard to give you the best, fastest and most honest information on HYIPs out there. This is a hard business and it’s very difficult to stay alive as an HYIP investor, but together we are strong. Dear reader, we wish you happy investing and a lot of success with our HYIP monitoring service site.

your team


07.10.2017 Bitprogress (Registration)

07.10.2017 Bitprogress (Registration)


I registered at with a small deposit. I paid via Payeer but you can also use Perfect-Money or Bitcoin.


The project started today and pays 12%. This is the highest risk you could take, what else should I say.

07.10.2017 Bitwave (Registration)

07.10.2017 Bitwave (Registration)

I registered at and did a small deposit.

The program is running since 3 days and according to the information of a friend, it is paying out without a problem. The site offers 10% per day so break even will be reached in 10 days from now.  We already experienced that 10% per day programs are very short lived because the compounded interest of the reinvesting users is growing exponential and therefore simply too fast for a sustainable program. But we also experienced surprises with that kind of extreme programs, like with Fundstream. If you started on the first day, you were able to multiply your investment. Let’s see if Bitwave could do something similar. The design of the site looks quite well and it appears that some intelligent admins are behind the project.


Cashranker – On the way to the top

Cashranker – On the way to the top saw its first post on 04.27.2017.  During two months of war against the HYIP admins, there were many up and downs. Everything started with Betrobot, which was quite awesome. We had two big losses with and Both programs took more than 2000$ from us.  It’s amazing that Gcprofits is still online and that it still gets green paying status from the monitors. We also had to deal with hackers who stole a lot of Bitcoins, but that’s another story.

From almost 100 HYIPs that we tested during the last two month, there are only 18 paying out at the moment. This reflects the short living nature of the business and shows, that it is quite difficult to find the one right online investment program that can make you rich. We even witnessed the death of the industry leader Questra. It’s not paying out in Germany and Austria since one month. They told some hocus-pocus story about getting a licence in those countries but I think its pure garbage.  It’s quite sure that they have payout problems and try to win time.

Regardless of all the losses, all the lies and all the pain, we will continue to test Online High Yield Investment Programs for you. We get a lot of positive feedback from our readers who are very thankful for our honest work. Checking the paying status is a big help for the decision process of every investor. And as everybody can see with Gcprofits, it’s really important to have an independent source of information.

Our readers and ourselves enjoy a steep learning curve.   It’s only exceeded by the Alexa traffic rank, which shows almost a horizontal line into the sky. WOW!


If this rate of growth continues, soon  we will belong to the important HYIP blogging sites out there. We are very thankful for having you as a reader and hope you will keep following us on the journey.

Your team

Today I would like to show you how to change money from to There are a lot of services which can fulfil this task. I  personally like to use I had good experiences with this service, that’s why I stick to it.

As you can see on the site there are a lot of changing possibilities. You can use different payment services like Payeer, Advcash, Okpay and a lot of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Dash, Zcash and so on.

Let’s go trough the process step by step:
1. Choose the payment processor from which you would like to send your money.
2. Choose the payment processor which will receive your money.
3. Enter the amount you would like to send
4. Enter the account number of the receiving payment processor
5. Enter your email address
6. Press the blue >Wechsel< button


You get this screen where you have to confirm your perfect-money payment. 


Next you have to enter your account login data.  Fill in your username and password.


After you logged in you can choose the currency account you would like to send the money from. has different accounts for different currencies like Dollar, Euro, Gold or Bitcoin.  For our example, we use the Dollar account (U).


That’s all. You get a confirmation that the transaction is complete.  It takes about 20 seconds until the money is on the account.


06.20.2017 Globalcryptobot (Paying)

06.20.2017 Globalcryptobot (Paying)


To my surprise, Globalcryptobot is still alive. And it’s still paying out very fast and without problems. Most of the withdrawals are below a few minutes.  It’s only 5 more days until all the first-day investors are in the money. And even if Globalcryptobot dies the next second the loss would be only 15%. That’s quite a good deal in this business where the normal loss is about 99% of your capital.

Yes, we are playing an absolutely insane game. You have to be totally crazy to keep on doing this. Need a proof for this statement? Here is a list of the paying Telegram Bots that we are following:

And here is a list of the latest scamming Telegram bots that we have been following since 2 month:
Agios Capital

Does this sound normal to you? Well, I guess its only a few more days until Globalcryptobot will join its friends into nirvana. But until now it still pays out.


Status: 06.20.2017



05.25.2017 – Vixice (Registration)

05.25.2017 – Vixice (Registration)


I have to show you this beautiful site: It’s called and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The project claims that it is in the cryptocurrencies mining industry but it doesn’t take much of a brain to recognize that this is just another ponzi scheme in the HYIP business.

But the site really deserves attention for the design and the special concept. The idea is that you buy  GH/s which can be distributed to mine different cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin, Ehterium, Litcoin, Doge and Dash are available.

I registered a few days ago. I haven’t done withdrawal tests because I only reinvested the profits in new GH/s. So up to know I can’t tell you if the site pays out. According to some Hyip monitoring sites, they do.

Register and get 100 GH/s for free. Test the site and be astonished, but keep in mind that profit withdrawals are available after reaching Level 2 which is 1000GH/s. I believe this would match a 10$ deposit/balance.


05.06.2017 – YessProfit (Registration)

05.06.2017 – YessProfit (Registration)

It is time to test another HYIP. is around since 41 days now. Quite a long time in this business. Traffic on the site is not very strong, Alexa rank is about 2.900.000.  The bounce rate is awfully 72% high.  30% of the traffic is coming from India, so probably fake traffic or low-income investors.   The site looks like a lot of garbage, it’s cheap and obviously designed as a short living scamming program. Almost everything tells us: Do not invest in this program. BUT: No risk no fun 🙂

And HYIP monitors  have mostly on paying status (1) (2) (3) (4).  At least I found no scamming warnings. Anyway, this remains a high-risk kamikaze mission.

135% After 1 Day
Name Amount                     Profit
Plan 1 $25.00 – $500.00 100.8% every 1 day 1 day
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 108% every 1 day 1 day
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 120% every 1 day 1 day
Plan 4 $5001.00 – $10000.00 135% every 1 day 1 day

5% Daily (No Limit)
Name Amount                     Profit
Plan 1 $150.00 – $500.00 1% every 1 day infinity
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 2% every 1 day infinity
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 3.5% every 1 day infinity
Plan 4 $5001.00 – $10000.00 5% every 1 day infinity

300% After 5 Days
Name Amount Profit Period Bonus Compound Principal Return
Plan 1 $120.00 – $500.00 260% on maturity 3 days
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 285% on maturity 3 days
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 300% on maturity 3 days

700% After 10 Days
Name Amount                     Profit
Plan 1 $120.00 – $500.00 650% every 1 day 10 days
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 680% every 1 day 10 days
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 700% every 1 day 10 days

1600% After 20 Days
Name Amount                     Profit
Plan 1 $120.00 – $500.00 1500% on maturity 20 days
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 1550% on maturity 20 days
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 1600% on maturity 20 days

4000% After 45 Days
Name Amount                     Profit
Plan 1 $120.00 – $500.00 3900% on maturity 45 days
Plan 2 $501.00 – $1000.00 3950% on maturity 45 days
Plan 3 $1001.00 – $5000.00 4000% on maturity 45 days

They have a lot of different plans, some look quite interesting.  I take the daily plan with 25$ deposit just to test the site. If everything is cozy I will try the 300% after 5 days next.

The registration process is straightforward. Put in your email address, username, password, Bitcoin address and you are done.  The 25$ deposit was done via Bitcoin.
Alright, guys that’s it.  Will pay out?  I can tell you in 24 hours. Stay tuned.

In my test the site is not paying. But the monitoring sites have Yessprofit still on green status.  Check them out here:

After 5 days the request is still on pending. After asking the support for help they deleted my account without any response. Good for your karma guys…have fun in your next life.





May Performance Report

May Performance Report



2 month of HYIP blogging is behind us. What have we learned up to now? It’s very difficult to earn money in the HYIP business. And it’s nearly impossible to predict when a project will go down. It’s easy to get greedy and put in too much money. And then you will lose a lot of money


05.04.2017 – Ripple Telegram Bot (Problem)

05.04.2017 – Ripple Telegram Bot (Problem)


Ripple is another Telegram bot that promises easy profits for us. I registered it on 04.25.2017 and made a small deposit of 10$.


It looks like this is not a good day for our HYIP’s. Today the Ripple bot had a lot of problems and it wouldn’t be surprising if he stops paying  soon. So be very careful with this one.  Up to now, I have not tried a withdrawal here. So I can not tell you if Ripple is paying out at this moment.