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09.13.2017 AfxOptions – The Big2017 project is coming soon

09.13.2017 AfxOptions – The Big2017 project is coming soon



AfxOptions is promised to be one of the biggest HYIPs of the year. The program has been announced a few months ago as BIG2017. Since then the Telegram HYIP groups promoted it massively. A lot of big leaders will jump on board, hence we will see big money flowing into the program.

On September 12 the company officially released the name AfxOptions. Actually, there is no website, but it should go online during the next days.

Up to now, information about the program is rare. There is a lot of secret whispering going through the HYIP community. There is a lot of rumor and speculation.



During the last weeks, I talked with other experienced HYIP investors about the potential of AfxOptions. Some of them are in the business for many years and they have seen a lot of programs coming and going.  Most of my friends admitted that the noise around this project is quite amazing, especially in Europe. The German market seems to be the first and biggest target of the company.  The project should have a lot of potential but of course, there are always risks. Without risk, there can be no profit. This is a mathematical law.

As far as we can believe the rumors,  AfxOptions will be a trading company. Minimum investment will be 100$. It will offer long term plans with revenues about 20-30% a month. The plans will run for 360 days. There will be an option for automatic compounding/reinvesting. Payouts will be manual, no instant or automatic withdrawals. The project will integrate all standard payment methods like Bitcion, Payeer, Advcash, Okpay, Neteller and Perfect-Money. Furthermore, it will have a referral system with 10 different career levels combined with an aggressive bonus system.

Finally, it is believed that this project can compete with big trading companies like Crypttrade Capital, Resonance Capital or even with Questra.


Amazing HYPE

People are totally freaking out because of AfxOptions. I have never seen such a euphoria wave going through the community long before a project goes online. Consequently, it is quite sure, that big money will flood this project from its first day on.

With this enormous marketing machine in the background, there is no doubt that AfxOptions will skyrocket for quite some time.

We will keep you up to date with the latest developments, and we will update this posting as soon as new information come out.

AfxOptions is definitely a thing to watch. Stay tuned.

09.13.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

09.13.2017 Splenoria (Paying)

Splenoria is making its way. The program is growing and growing and the first-day investors are coming closer to reach the break even point.


Today’s test withdrawal is about 1.7$. It’s going to Payeer at 10:50CET


Again, payment received instantly:


Experiences with Splenoria:
Up to now, all withdrawal requests were processed instant and without any problems. Site statistics are looking good, account numbers and investments are increasing constantly. Now it depends on the admin. There is a lot of potential for this project, but as you know, sometimes admins just decide to take the profits and shut down the whole thing.